At home prenatal yoga with Andy Broadbear

Guiding you through a safe prenatal yoga practice

At home prenatal yoga

Journey through each trimester

This online prenatal yoga video series is designed to build strength and stamina, flexibility and balance; supporting you in the best possible way as you journey through your pregnancy and preparing you for birth and beyond.

The 3 main areas of focus are ‘space’, ‘intention’ and ‘connection’.

  • Practice in the comfort of your own home
  • Over 2 hours of yoga classes
  • 8 modules covering each trimester of pregnancy
  • 2 bonus modules including Barre & Pilates
  • A copy of the ebook ‘Connect with Self & Baby through Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga’
  • Lifetime access to videos & updates

Module 1 – Warm up sequence and breathing practice

Module 2 – Yoga for 1st Trimester

Module 3 – Yoga for 2nd Trimester

Module 4 – Yoga for 3rd Trimester

Module 5 – Meditation & breathing practices

Module 6 – Yoga for pregnancy discomforts

Module 7 – Prenatal advanced sequence

Module 8 – Yoga for 4th Trimester (with aussieyogamama)


Bonus module – Prenatal barre sequence

Bonus module – Prenatal yoga/pilates sequence

Tapping into relevant exercise catering to my changing needs was exactly what I was after. Regular yoga classes started getting tough in my second-third trimester. So I found YogaMamas. Not only did Andy allow me to continue my yoga practice in the comfort of my own home (whenever I was up for a yoga boost) it was easy to attain and access. YogaMamas goes above expectations with their eBook (this allowed me to gain confidence in what I could continue of my steady yoga practice and what I could modify), meditations (these are each extremely relevant and specific to me now) and provision of music and blog through Facebook. I highly recommend the prenatal yoga for yogis who are looking to continue a safe practice at home ( perhaps in combination with other sessions) and definitely for those who are keen on a gentle and easily manageable practice throughout their pregnancy. The sessions are a perfect length to start with a warm up and choose a module or two dependent on my energy levels and time. I'm looking foreword to trying the postnatal sessions with Kate as well! First I'll tap into a few more meditations to get me through labor!

- Joëlle Klassen > 38 weeks pregnant > Melbourne Australia

Your Teacher: Andy Broadbear

Andy is co creator of Yoga Mamas. After exploring yoga for several years, Andrea embarked on the study of yoga to deepen her own practice. She completed the 500hr teacher training at the Australian Yoga Academy in 2010 and over the past 5 years has gained experience teaching a range of styles, everything from babies to adults. As a secondary school drama teacher for over 10 years, she had particular interest in the benefits of yoga for children and furthered her study with Zenergy Yoga to include Kids Yoga Therapy. After giving birth to a beautiful baby girl, Andrea shifted her focus and furthered her study to include Pre and Postnatal Yoga. Overwhelmed by the powerful effect yoga had on her own experience of birth and beyond, she was keen to share the possibilities with future mums. Drawn again by her passion for learning about yoga, Andrea became a qualified Yoga Therapist in 2014 and continued her studies in prenatal Pilates.

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About Yoga Mamas

Co created by Andrea Broadbear & Kate Payne, Yoga Mamas guides mothers (and those to be) to live in the flow of life using yoga as the inspiration. It provides insights, tools & products to use throughout the motherhood journey to create harmonious mind body connection.